So this week is my very first week entering the world of coupon cutting and hopefully saving lots of money on groceries. Since we are still at my grandparents right now and don’t need to buy many groceries, this first week or so is just practice, just trying to figure out a system, where to find the best deals and that sort of thing. Over the past few day I have learned a lot and so on Saturday with coupons in hand I will make my first shopping trip. I am very excited about learning to be a better steward of what the Lord has given us.

It has become very important to me to learn how to manage our money better because unlike the first year of our marriage where I earned almost as much as Matthew did every month, now he is the bread winner and I want to learn how to properly handle the money he works everyday to earn.
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  1. aurora43143 says:

    >My mother is awesome at coupons! I'll tell her to email you. Many times she goes to Publix and gets a ton of groceries for literally HALF the price!

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