>Fertility Specialist for Me???

>Doctors Appointment Update!

We had our last doctor’s appointment with Dr. Brooks today. We have officially been referred to a Reproductive Endocronologist, Dr. Rizk. We have our first appointment on Monday which according to his nurse will be at least a half and hour of just my medical history. From there we will see where to go. My test results came back normal for two hormones and abnormal for another so Dr. Brooks has turned me over to someone who knows more about what to do than she does.

I am feeling as though the rug was pulled out from under me and am not sure what is going to happen next. We are confident in the Lord’s plans but it is times like this that remind you just how frail your faith actually is. I never thought I would be here about to face a word like “infertile.” This word has quickly become the most feared word in my dictionary. Well, all I can say is Have Faith! Our strength may fail but that is why we don’t trust in our strength! God’s mercies are new ever morning!!! Renew me Father!!!

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