So we finally are getting somewhere with our attempt at having a baby! We had a LONG doctor’s appointment today from 9:00-2:00 but felt like we finally are starting to get answers! I had blood work and an ultrasound done and had my diagnosis of Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome confirmed. Not the best news in the world but at least we know that it can be fixed. I am now on two drugs, clomid, to stimulate my ovaries to work correctly, and metformin to get my insulin resistance under control. I go in everyday next week to get ultrasounds and blood work to see if the drugs are working, so we are very excited!!! HOORAY!
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One Response to >News!!!

  1. aurora43143 says:

    >Boo and yay all at the same time! I'm praying for you girl. I know you and Matthew want this real bad. I promise I will call you soon… not sure when b/c life is crazy! but soon!

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