>Day 2 of Clomid

>This is day two for me on the drug clomid and wow! I have been feeling like a crazy person. I haven’t had awful mood swings like everyone told me I would have, but I am sure they are coming. What I have had are lots of stomach pain (my ovaries are working for the first time ever) and hot flashes. I never realized how crazy hot flashes make you feel. One moment you are laying on the couch freezing and the next second your face starts to feel really warm and then you start sweating and a few minutes later you are cold again! This happens all day long. Makes trying to fall asleep very interesting.

The other drug I am on, metformin, has not had too many awful side effects. The worst I guess would be the constant headache which makes concentrating on all my reading for school quite difficult.

Other than that we still have no good news on the house. The mortage insurance people don’t want to give us insurance until they have had us fax in every piece of financial paperwork we have ever had, so who knows when we are going to get into this house!

Reading over this entry I realized I sound kinda like a big whiner! Maybe I am having mood swings 😉

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One Response to >Day 2 of Clomid

  1. aurora43143 says:

    >You're not whining. You're just informing. Good luck with the moodswings. You'd fit right in with a few of my fourth graders :/

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