>Have a Little Compassion

Matthew and I sponsor 3 little kids in Uganda, Africa with the organization Compassion International. Their names are Charles, Victor and Hilda. Because of our sponsorship all three of the kids get a chance at school, medical care, help for their families, daily meals, and most importantly a chance to hear the Gospel. We get letters every couple of months from them telling up how they are doing and what things are like where they live. We also are given a chance to pray for them and send them letters with pictures and stories letting them see how we live.

Compassion has asked every sponsor (1 Million and counting) to try to get one other child sponsored before the end of December. What a Christmas gift for these kids!!!! The little girl they gave us is named Monicah Mohamed and she lives in Kenya, Africa and was born on June 1,2005. She lives with her grandparents and there are two children in her family. I am looking at her picture right now and she is BEAUTIFUL! If you would be interested in giving this little lady a chance its only 38.00 a month. I know that our budgets are tight and keep getting tighter, but how much of that income are we giving to the poor, widows and orphans? Come on guys, join us!

visit http://www.compassion.com for more information about the organization and contact me if you have any questions!

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  1. >Hello Matthew and Tara,My name is Becca and I work with Compassion International. I was doing some research recently and I came across your site, http://taraandmattfraser.blogspot.com/ and enjoyed reading your blog. It is obvious that you have a passion for helping these children in need. It is such a beautiful relationship that you have with the children you sponsor. Thank you for putting so much effort into helping change their lives.Also, I wanted to thank you for putting in a “Have a little Compassion” section on your blog. This is a terrific way to help spread the word about Compassion and encourage others to help children living in poverty.Do you think it would be possible for you to add a new Compassion banner on your site? If so, our banner and widget creative is available at the link below.http://share-compassion.org/widgets/featuredchild/web/getHTML.php5?referer=&refererrequired=2Thank you for your efforts to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name!If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me. May God richly bless you,Becca Brickeybbrickey@us.ci.orgCompassion International

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