>Dear Victor

One of our Compassion children is named Victor Tokamanya, he is 6 years old and lives with his father and grandmother. If you could see his picture you would see a little boy with a pouty face, dressed in a cute little button down dress shirt and either pants that are too short or shorts that are too long. (correction, we now have his picture up) His picture is nothing extraordinary. We have been sponsoring this precious little boy since January 14, 2008 and we feel as if he is part of our family. In a letter he sent recently, he was telling us about the way that God made the world and he told me that, “People have different colours. Some are black and others are brown.” It tickled me that he said there were only two colors of people, black and brown. He then asked, “How did God make your country?” To which I replied that He made it full of all kinds of people; brown, black, white, yellow, red…he was quite amused by that. In every letter they have a place to put their prayer requests and Victor’s last letter said that his prayer request was that, “I can grow old.” Ouch, dagger right to my heart. What 6 year old needs to think that they don’t have a chance to grow old? It’s something that I take for granted, growing old and seeing my family grow right along with me. He has no such luxury. The town that Victor lives in averages 6.00 a month in wages. 6.00 for 30 days of food, clothing, shelter, education, health care and travel. I couldn’t survive one day with only 6.00. Victor has recently moved out of his mother’s house presumably due to the fact that she could no longer care for him. Please pray for Victor and his family today.

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