>Doctor’s Appointment Update

>We went to the doctor’s office today and well, not much to tell you. We waited for two hours for the doctor to get to the office and then he came in and asked; “So, what are we doing today?” He did not even remember that I was supposed to start the “free” drugs today. My test results from before the appointment were not great and so I was not able to start the drugs. My uterine lining was too thick to be able to start the drugs so the doctor prescribed me something to start my period and hopefully that will thin out the lining. If not, I may have polyps keeping my lining from thinning. Unfortunately none of the pharmacies we went to or called could read his writing or had ever heard of what we thought he had written. We called him and are waiting for a call back.

The good news is that there are no cysts on my ovaries, and that means the only thing holding us back from the drugs is my uterine lining. My next appointment is Tuesday, a week from tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers, today has been very disappointing and frustrating.

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