>Thomas Massay Karoli

Meet Thomas Karoli. He is going to be nine years old on February 26 and he needs a sponsor. He lives with his mother and father in Tanzania, they both have work as farmers and there are six children in the family. Thomas is in kindergarten and loves to sing, tell stories, and play with marbles.

As you can see he is a beautiful little boy. By partnering with Compassion International you could give this little guy hope of food, education, health care and most importantly, the Gospel. Matthew has recently become a Compassion Advocate, helping the organization find sponsors for children like Thomas. Thomas is the first child he needs to find a sponsor for.

The cost of sponsorship is 38.00 a month. Less than 2 nights of eating out! Think about it…you change a child’s life and all it costs is you giving up eating out twice a month? Isn’t it worth it? Let us know if you are interested in either sponsoring him or in getting more information about him or Compassion International! What a birthday gift for Thomas if he could find out that he has a sponsor this year! If you are not able to sponsor him yourself, could you partner with us by praying for a sponsor for him? Thank you for caring!

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