>Our Charles

>This is not a picture of a little boy who needs you to sponsor him. This is not a little boy who needs someone to tell him that he is loved. His name is Charles Okwalinga and he is the first of our three sponsored children in Uganda. We love this precious boy so much! He is our letter writer, he always writes the longest and most precious letters of our three children (with the help of the Compassion staff of course)! He is going to be eight years old this May and we have received four letters in the one year that we have sponsored him. We love the letters and cherish every one! Here are some of our favorite excerpts from his letters:

– Charles brings love greetings from his family and he says they all love you and are so happy that you are a part of them

-They (his family) are hoping to see you one day. Come to visit Uganda and pay them a visit especially to see me.

-Please pray that God will bless me to do that I will grow up into a man of blessing by His will. (he was only 7 yrs old!)

He has asked us repeatedly to come and see him in Uganda. He always tells us how thankful he is to God that we are his sponsors. He loves to receive letters and pictures from us. One time we sent him a picture of my grandparents and he went on and on about “how nice” they look. He is always making us giggle with the way that he words things.

He also challenges us. He seems so little, but some of the things he writes are things that we wouldn’t ever thing of a 7 or 8 year old saying. Why is that?

I know I sound like a proud mamma as I write all of this down, but in a sense maybe I am. I am coming alongside sweet Charles’ family and partnering with them as he grows in the Lord. Please take a moment today to pray for Charles and his family. Thank you all!

P.S. We still do not have a sponsor for Thomas (as seen in the blog below). If you are interested either put a comment on Thomas blog or email me at: corsair4christ@yahoo.com! Thank you!

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