>Gift Ideas: For those of you who sponsor kids with Compassion

>This is a map of the US (of course) that shows where we lived when we first started sponsoring our kids (Raliegh, NC) and where we live now (Mobile, AL). I figured that this could be educational for the kids and just something visual to show them where we live!

These are some gorilla coloring pages that I found and will send to all three of my kids!

This is a coloring page of the Ugandan flag that I found online and will send to each of our sponsored children

These are some butterflies and bugs for our little Compassion girl, Hilda, to play with. These like the paper toys below will be laminated to increase the life of the toys

This is one side of the craft idea that I had to send to my two Compassion Sponsored boys Victor and Charles. I am going to laminate them so that they can play with them for a long time to come.

This is the other side of the train. Our picture is on one side and their picture (when I get a new one of Charles) will go on the other side. We will be able to ride the train together!

If you have any ideas of paper gifts that can be sent in letters to your kids please comment!

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2 Responses to >Gift Ideas: For those of you who sponsor kids with Compassion

  1. >I'm having trouble leaving a comment here. Great idea here — cute! Also, I saw your question on the Compassion Blog. Were you able to get your application for the Advocate's Network to send? If not, feel free to contact me on e-mail and I can have them send you one. pjarvis@bresnan.net

  2. >I just got on and fixed the problem with comment posting. You should be fine to post a comment now! Thank you. Tara Fraser

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