>Winter is still here in so many ways

>As I type this blog, sleet is still melting off my hair and my clothing. It is frigid outside, something I thought I left behind when we traded our NC address for our AL address. Even beyond the cold temperatures, the cold fingers of failure are creeping into my heart.

Our second fertility cycle was cancelled today, and along with that the hopes of a BFP as a Valentine’s gift for Matthew and I. We were left with nothing to show for it except for the bruises on my arms from the daily blood work and scripts for more medicine. Because we can’t afford the really good medicine and the free stock is depleted at the doctor’s office we now have to go back to clomid. A more affordable, but nearly ineffective fertility medication.

This is a tough blog to write for many reasons. I know that we have not personally failed. I know that the Lord is in control. I know that and it brings me immense hope for the future but, it still sucks right now.

Please pray for us. Thank you dear friends and family. Your prayers, and the knowledge of them do more for our hearts than any words of comfort that you can offer. Thank you for your support and your love.

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