>Sewing Escapades II

>So as therapy for the canceled fertility cycle I decided to pick up sewing again after about a year long break. I have sewn 3 baby girl dresses and 14 receiving blankets (it has proven itself to be a wonderful distraction). I wanted to share photos of my receiving blankets with you. They are made of flannel and are so soft and just precious! Oh, and there may be a giveaway of some of these beauties in the near future (they would make great baby shower gifts) 😉

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2 Responses to >Sewing Escapades II

  1. Whitney says:

    >I am working on some swaddling blankets I figured it was a good place to start! I hope we see y'all when your here. I am working Friday and Sunday but hope I can catch up with y'all!

  2. >Pretty! Where did you find the gorgeous material? What is the difference between a receiving blanket and a swaddling blanket?

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