>Our New Boy!


This is our new little boy that we are correspondence partners with through Compassion! His name is Theogene Tuyishime. He is from Rwanda and we just got his information today! Since we are not financially able to sponsor another child (we already sponsor 3), we are still helping by writing letters to a child who is already sponsored but whose sponsor chooses not to write to him. That way, he can still receive encouragement and love as well as education, food, and a chance to hear the Gospel! This is just another way to partner with Compassion International!

This is an idea that a woman had to help her remember to pray for her sponsored children. If you see them daily it helps you to remember to pray for them and their families. Under each of their pictures is their name, birthday, and some things they have said in their letters. It is a really fun way to get the whole family involved in praying for your sponsored children!

This is where we hung the picture frame, with all the dishes we do (we don’t have a dishwasher), there is a lot of time spent here in front of the sink. What a perfect opportunity to pray for these children!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion International please let us know!

If you already sponsor through Compassion, please take a moment to write to your sponsored child today!

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