>Home Study: Appointment 1


Yesterday we had our first home study meeting in Daphne. It was amazing! We learned a lot, we realized there was a lot more to learn, got a ton of paperwork to do, got a lot of instructions, met a very nice man, and were just a tad overwhelmed! Our home study agent is the type of man that puts you at ease, and he also reminds you that he is on your side. Since yesterday morning, we have done a lot of work on our dossier (our huge stack of paperwork). A lot of the papers were just signing our names but we did fill out a 7 page home study application and scheduled our physicals for our home study, which takes place this morning! We have our mother’s on the search for our birth certificates right now and hope to have the entire dossier sent off by the send of the month!

To be honest, I am much more worried about the final two home study meetings, both of which take place in our home and are comprised of two couple interviews, individual interviews, and the tour of the house! We have a lot to get done before we are even close to ready for the house tour portion of the home study! Please pray  for us as we prepare for the home tour, and also please pray for the completion of the paperwork, not only by us but also as it is mailed off to various agencies. Please pray that the paperwork will get where it needs to go quickly and the turn around will be efficient as well!

The home study is very intrusive and it is a little uncomfortable to have agencies all over the world knowing all of our business. It is all worth it though, because we are constantly reminded that we are working towards something wonderful, and she is so worth it!!!!


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