>Thoughts on Family


We have had a very busy couple of weeks, they have been busy but so very blessed! The sweet woman in the picture to your left is name Alicia and she has been living with us since the beginning of January and will move out a week from tomorrow, so that we can get Annie Lynn’s room ready! She has been a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family.

Like all family relationships, our time has not always been simple and perfect (like when I have to hide the coffee maker;) but we are still family! We have learned a lot from each other and have been so blessed by the opportunity to love and serve one another during this season.  It’s been fun to experience having another person in the house and has been great to prepare us as we get ready to bring our sweet Annie Girl home!

She recently posed in hats that were donated to us to sell to raise money to bring Annie home. If you are interested in purchasing any hats you can find the album on my facebook account.

I am so thankful for families of all kinds, shapes, colors, and sizes! Praise the Lord for families!!!!!

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