>All Nighters


    This week is finals week at the school near our house, which my husband and I both attend. Before we got married and were still single and without responsibility, when finals week came it meant multiple nights with no sleep. All the cool college kids boasted several of these all nighters each semester.
    Fast track to the present day. It has been a very long time since my last collegiate all nighter. Now that I am a (mostly) responsible married lady my school work bids me to complete it far before 5 hours prior to the due date, but for the past two nights I have revisited my old sleepless tendencies. You might be tempted now to skim the rest of this post thinking I will be complaining of how my lack of responsibility landed me in this mess. But wait, its better than that!
     For the past two nights I have been helping my pastor and his wife care for one of their two babies. The wife (Mrs. P) has double pneumonia and the husband (Dr. J) is also a professor at the college and is in the middle of finals week exams. They have two precious babies, one of them is an 11 month old baby boy that we will call D.P. and sleeps through the night with the exception of one feeding at approximately 5 a.m., not too much to handle. The other precious bundle of love is M.G. and she is only 1 month old! She is the sweetest little red-headed baby girl you have ever seen! M.G. has been my responsibility the last two nights as Mrs. P has been resting up and trying to get better. Well it just so happens that the person who was helping them at night, Lady A, got the flu and called me 5 hours before the night shift to see if I could take over for her for two nights. I agreed a little hesitantly, not because I dreaded not getting any sleep but because M.G. recently had a little health scare and is on  heart monitor. The last thing that I wanted was for M.G. to stop breathing on my watch!!!
   I have had a lot of experience working with children and was not worried about knowing what to do, but I had never taken care of an infant overnight. Boy was I in for a treat. Both nights I worked from 9:00 pm- 7:30 am, in those two periods of time I; got 3 hours of sleep (in 20 min. increments), changed three diarrhea diapers, changed at least 10 less dangerous diapers, fed her 5 times, sang numerous crazy songs (which all ended in me begging her to sleep), rocked her for hours, prayed that ‘this time’ she would stay asleep, listened constantly for her sweet breath, and loved every mostly every minute of it!
    I know that sounds crazy and you might think I am lying, but I loved it! I loved watching her fight sleep, I loved those gassy little smiles, I loved watching her suck down those bottles, I loved cuddling her once she was finally asleep. These two nights reminded me of two things, how terribly I want a baby and how much more work it is than I can ever imagine! I can’t wait till our Annie Girl is home with us, but I am going to enjoy every full night of sleep that comes my way until then 😉

P.S. M.G. is not the baby in the photograph. The baby in the photo is the daughter of another friend of mine.


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  1. >Wow sounds like a ton of work but you are so kind to help out!Stopping by from SITS to say hello

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