>Adoption Update and a Prayer Request

>I just wanted to jump in really quickly and let you know what has been going on with Annie’s Adoption. We have just sent in our first round of government paperwork, our ABI/FBI Background Check. We have to get our fingerprints done soon as well both here in Mobile County and in Birmingham.

We still are not officially on the waiting list as the orphanage is swamped right now. Not only do they have many more babies than they can handle, they recently had an earthquake there in Taiwan that is making things very difficult!

I have some great news on the fund raising part of our journey. We now have over $300.00 in our fund to bring Annie home! Last week we didn’t even have $100.00. The Lord is making it clearer and clearer that He is all over this adoption. We have all the money that we need right now to pay for the fees we have, even though I know that we will need every penny that we get and save! We had some crocheted flowers donated to us today that will be on facebook to buy soon.

Also, I have something that I would like for you to join me in praying about, one of the blogs I read is called “Another Ordinary Miracle.” This family has adopted two children, one from Russia and one from Korea, is in the process of adopting another little boy domestically and they just announced recently that they are pregnant with a little boy. They also have gone through multiple miscarriages in pursuit of growing their family. They just got news today that this baby that she is carrying might either have Down Syndrome, or something much more serious that could take their baby away from them. If you want to read their story for yourself, click here


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One Response to >Adoption Update and a Prayer Request

  1. Diana says:

    >Your blog is so special! I have always wanted to adopt, and we were in the process of doing so when I got pregnant with Bella. We still want to – we're thinking maybe in a few years once we get the hang of things :). I can't wait to hear how this all turns out.

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