>Nursery Renovations: Step One

>Our house guest moved out yesterday and that event marks step one in our renovations of Annie’s room. The plans for the renovations are;

  •  Pull up the carpet                                  
  • Refinish the hardwood floors beneath
  • Fix the hole in the wall
  • Repaint baseboards
  • Repaint Ceiling
  • Do wall mural (with help of my artsy best friend!)
  • Sand and repaint crib
  • Find a dresser, bookcase, and twin size bed (and repaint if needed)
  • Replace the old broken ceiling fan with a new shiny ceiling fan

I think that is all that is necessary to complete the room renovations, but I know that something else will come up soon to put a kink in those plans. I took some pics to show you what we are starting off with!

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2 Responses to >Nursery Renovations: Step One

  1. >I have a friend who had no way of adopting the baby left at the government run Chinese orphanage she worked in through a US ministry. She was single then and still is. The adoption money came through as she rested in God's promises. Her little girl is almost eight now.Happy SITS day! Glad I found you…..again 🙂

  2. Ginger says:

    >Can't wait to see the mural! How exciting 🙂

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