>Garden Update: April Part 1

>I know that I am missing my title by a couple of days but these pictures were taken in the month of April, they just had not been loaded on my computer yet! Here is a photo update of my gardens for the month of April;

The larger of my two petunias, it is quadrupled in size since we first planted it! 
Not sure what this sweet little flower is but I do know it was planted as a bulb…it seems like it started with an r…can you see my cute Buddy helping me take pictures of my plants?
The incredible spreading lantana! I got the shrimpiest looking lantana I could find at the store knowing it would spread quickly and it has not dissapointed! Now on to the veggie garden!
If you can see around the weeds you would see our beans coming up so nice and strong. No baby beans yet, but they look great!
These are my cucumber plants, kind of in the same stage as the beans, not really flowering yet but they are growing nice and strong.
These are just a couple of my squash plants which in the past three or four days have really taken off. The plant on the left now has four or five blooms on it! 
These are my very handsome bell pepper plants. They are my pride and joy so far this season, can you see why?
…because they have provided me the most adorable baby bell pepper I have ever seen! I am just fascinated by how quickly he is growing!
These are a few of my big beefy baby tomatoes. Very cute if I do say so myself
This is my little cherry tomato, he has a brother right behind him but he is hogging the camera. He also just started turning red today! I can’t wait!

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One Response to >Garden Update: April Part 1

  1. >I wish I had your green thumb, somehow I always manage to over or underwater my plants. But this summer will be differnet, I hope. I am going to try growing tomatoes! Any tips?

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