>It’s the Start of Something New…

>…and I am very excited about it!

We live in an older house (circa 1960) and the previous owners were not very nice to her. They didn’t clean often a lot of things fell into disrepair. We have been trying to get it under control, but there is so much to do! Cleaning is difficult not only in an older house, but even more difficult in a house that is in a constant state of construction! I am starting a new “program” to try to get myself off the couch, out of my p.j.’s and welcoming my husband into a cleaner house!

The program I am starting is called Fly Lady, and it is all about starting small and working to a clean house, even if it takes months…I know…not the norm for me! I usually have an afternoon of mad cleaning the day before company comes! I don’t live in a filthy house by any means, but I am not obsessed with everything being clean either. In this program you start with the Fly Lady Baby Steps which you can find here. It all begins with “shining the sink,” which is the foundation to the whole program. You start off at the beginning and it builds everyday until you have the skills you need to have a clean house! I will be blogging about it mostly to keep me accountable, and maybe help you get motivated as well! Have a great Friday, and go shine your sink!

Here is a photo of my clean and shiny sink, one side before the shine, and one side after! Hopefully you can tell which is which!

These are both of the sinks clean and shiny! This was taken about 30 minutes ago, after dishes and everything and my sinks are still looking pretty! The windex is magic..

Please visit The Fly Lady Today! www.flylady.net

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4 Responses to >It’s the Start of Something New…

  1. Dania Padron says:

    >"I usually have an afternoon of mad cleaning the day before company comes!" We're cut from the same cloth! How funny. I'm not obsessed with cleaning either since my boys have yet to understand what staying "clean" means. Your sink looks fab, though. Great job!BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog. I answered your question about the OnTray too.

  2. Whitney says:

    >I love flylady! I found her when last year!

  3. Future Mama says:

    >Wow, good job! that is shiny! haha, I love that challenge I just wonder if by the time i got to the next step I'd let the first step go! haha. I have issues. I DO like cleaning when I get new things though. It's weird. Like when i get new clothes I want to organize my closet and get laundry done, so they can all be neat and go together. I'm weird! hahaHappy Saturday Sharefest!

  4. >Hi! I'm stopping by to thank you for visiting my blog! The sink looks fantastic – great job! 🙂

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