>Huddle House…Really?


When we bought our house, one of the things that we really didn’t like is that we have a hotel right behind our house. We have a lot of trees in our backyard so you can’t really see anything, but the road going up to the hotel runs less that 500 yards behind our fence. When we BBQ we can see people driving up to the hotel.

We found out just a couple of days ago that they are building a Huddle House just on the other side of the road that runs to the hotel. That means that there will be a Huddle House in my backyard. Hooray. Not.

Thankfully, our precious neighbor, who is the most precious neighbor we could ever ask for, went to the City Council Meeting yesterday and got the city to promise to build a privacy fence behind both of our houses. So even though we have a Huddle House being built in our backyard, we will have a privacy fence going up on the back of our property. We have been planning to put up a fence, this will give us the kick start that we need!

Good things come in strange packages sometimes! Have you had any blessings in disguise recently?

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One Response to >Huddle House…Really?

  1. Christine B. says:

    >I know I'm an ignoramus, but what in the world is a huddle house? Whatever it is, you are lucky you have a tenacious neighbor looking out for you!Hmm, blessings in disguise: clouds and cold temps so I don't have to water the patches where I reseeded the lawn. Hooray, I guess….Christine in Alaska

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