>my sweet bethany


This sweet baby girl is named Bethany Anne. Her mommy was my first college roommate and her daddy was my hubby’s best friend in college. They got married the Saturday before we did and came back from their honeymoon so that her daddy could stand in as the hubby’s best man!

We are all still very close and I do photo shoots of her every couple of months. This shoot is extra special…she is about to turn one! Her birthday party is in a couple of weeks and I took pictures so that her mommy could use them as favors at the party.

They turned out so cute I wanted to share a couple with you!

  Aren’t those rain boots too stinking cute?!
Isn’t my sweet friend so beautiful! We live about 2 hours apart and every month we get together for craft/catch up days! One month we meet at my house and the next month we meet at her house! It makes it so that we only have to spend the day driving once every 2 months!!!
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3 Responses to >my sweet bethany

  1. >That was so cute! I wish my best friend would get married and have kids too! Sigh… Oh btw, Bethany is super cute!

  2. >Beautiful shots of a gorgeous baby!

  3. LisaDay says:

    >College friends are great. Happy birthday to the little one.LisaDay

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