>Happy Birthday Hubby!


These pictures are me and my main squeeze in Atlanta as part of our anniversary extravaganza! His birthday just seems like a good time to show off my cutie pie! We have had a really fun and relaxing weekend celebrating Matthew’s 24th birthday. Friday we went to our favorite restaurant in town and went to see the movie Killers (very cute by the way) and Saturday we worked on Annie’s room (photos to come soon) and then went out for catfish with our church small group. Today we went up to his parent’s house and hung out with them for most of the afternoon. All in all a pretty nice way to celebrate the birthday!

Sorry I have been away from the blog a lot recently. There have been a lot of things happening and changing, more on that to come soon. Suffice it to say things have been very busy!

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One Response to >Happy Birthday Hubby!

  1. Lori says:

    >I love catfish! Happy birthday to the husband and happy anniversary.

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