>I’m Computer-less…

>Sorry my posts have been coming so far apart recently. I am now computer-less. We got our computer one year ago and from the very beginning we have had problems. In the first couple of weeks we had the computer (a laptop) the mouse buttons started to descend into the computer. Not too badly and not enough to worry about. A couple of months ago, I was sitting on the computer blogging or reading blogs or something, and my puppy was chilling on the couch next to me. Well then the sirens started. Sirens of any kind are sure to whip my dog into a fine tizzy. He jumped up and started going crazy, and in the process stepped on my keyboard and sent 4 or 5 keys flying into the air. I was able, through my super-human-handy-woman abilities to put all but the ‘J’ key back on. It wasn’t too big of a deal but just kind of annoying when I wanted to use alliterations including many ‘J’s’ (like I ever did that!)

After that I dropped the computer on the ground (only the corner of it and only for a moment) and cracked a tiny bit of the computer cover off. After that incident, we decided to call into the place we purchased our computer (Sam’s Club) and see how to either replace or repair our computer since we had an extended warranty (three years). A long story short, our warranty is bogus. Really. They won’t fix any of our newly emerging software problems, they won’t fix our casing crack because it was an accident, the didn’t want to fix the mouse buttons or the key that flew off and broke because the casing is cracked. So why did we pay 80.00 for this stupid warranty. What WILL it fix? When we asked one of the ladies, she said she didn’t know what it would cover accept in the instance that we opened the box when we got it and things were already broken. Great.

All of that to say, my computer is in the shop, and we are hoping they will fix some of our problems. I came to work with my husband today just so I could say hi to all of you! Don’t you feel special? You should! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and no computer problems!

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2 Responses to >I’m Computer-less…

  1. >Sorry you have computer problems! That sucks! But think of how much more time you can spend reading and doing other things now. Sometimes the internet distracts me from getting my to do list done!:)

  2. Mrs. Hays says:

    >TARA LYNN!!! i'm so glad you found me on here so i could follow you too!!! I MISS U!!! next time u come to town u must let me know and we shall get together! Im sorry about ur poor computer! lol hopefully it will be well soon. And i wanted to see how the adoption process was going? I want you and Matthew to know that i'm praying for you and i hope you get to bring your little girl home soon! There's nothing like holding a child in ur arms and knowing God gave this gift to you and u deserve that more than you know! Keep me updated! i love you!

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