>I’M BACK!!!

>Hello everyone! Sorry for the extended vacation! We have been so busy and so much has gone on! I will start with an update of the most recent going on!

Last week Matthew and I went with our youth group to Orange Beach Student Life! Matthew ended up being in charge after our youth minister went into the hospital for an emergency surgery on a problem in his heart. In the course of just a couple of days we went from the new church members who were going to chaperone the trip to get to know the youth group a little better to the primary leaders. It was a little overwhelming but we had a wonderful time! We got to know the youth a lot better and Student Life is always a wonderful camp experience. We got to see the oil that everyone has been talking about for months, more on that in a later post. Our camp pastor, David Platt was really used by the Lord. We had 4 kids get saved, and two rededicate their lives to the Lord. Charlie Hall was our worship leader and he was pretty awesome. Here is a picture of our great group right before we got on the buses to leave for camp!

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One Response to >I’M BACK!!!

  1. Megan Wynn says:

    >YAY! It's so great to hear about great experiences with the youth! Praise the Lord for new brothers and sisters in Christ!Welcome Back!

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