>Oily! Icky!


Last week at camp, we were in Orange beach and got a wonderful, closeup look at the oil invading our coastline. The picture above is just to show you a skimmer boat and how close it is to shore.
Here is some boom that was right outside our room, this view is from our balcony window. This boom was totally black by the end of the week.
Our beach had a single red flag all week, which meant that they recommended not swimming, but it was not prohibited. It was prohibited with a double red flag on either side of our condo.
Our kids did not heed the warning and went swimming. 
You can see a tarball on the bottom of Samantha’s left foot. You had to walk across a foot wide strip of tarballs and patties to get to the beach. This oily strip went as far down as we could see.
You can see some tar left between the toes of one of the girls even after taking a shower. It took days for me to get the stains of oil off of my feet!
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