>I have a problem

>I need a support group. My husband does too. We have this problem and it is interfering with our lives. For real. Yesterday we picked up our fourth Compassion child through Compassion International! We had some Compassion Advocate training to do in Orange Beach and we also were going to work a table in the evening for Student Life’s Compassion Night. All night we joked with each other saying, “We should get a fourth kid, how crazy would that be,” little did we know…as we were leaving Matthew started perusing the leftover child packets and came to me with this wild look in his eye. “Look at her,” he said. I fell in love. Her name is Ketyada Kuljirawat, we are going to call her Katie for short, she lives in the northwest corner of Thailand, somewhere I never expected to sponsor from. She will turn four on August fourth and she lives with her mom and dad and one other sibling. I am smitten with this little girl, and will put up a picture soon so that you can be too!

If you are interested in sponsoring through Compassion International, email me at corsair4christ@yahoo.com, or visit their website at compassion.com

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2 Responses to >I have a problem

  1. Missy says:

    >That's a pretty wonderful problem to have. More people should catch it I think

  2. LisaDay says:

    >I agree with Missy it's a great problem to have. Good for you.LisaDay

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