I’m tired of mourning. I want the blackness and deadness to leave for good. 

If you are wondering about the mournful tone, one of my best friends called me today and announced her 2nd pregnancy. I am very sad tonight. I really can’t muster the strength of will to write more than this tonight.

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  1. >Hi Tara!Sigh, I know what to say to comfort you… just hang in there and be strong!Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV)

  2. >Oh Tara. That stinks. I know there's nothing I can say so I'll pass on what everyone passed to me :)Ecc. 7:13Philippians 4:6-7Matthew 6:25-34Proverbs 3:5-6Psalm 13:5Jeremiah 29:11Psalm 28:7Psalm 56:3Romans 15:13

  3. caitle says:

    >Praying for you! God's got a plan.

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