>Flavius Theodosius


Meet my Flavius Theodosius (we call him Theo)! He is a purebred Miniature Schnauzer and in this picture, taken shortly after we purchased him, he is eight weeks old. He is such a sweet little man and has already fit in perfectly into our household. One thing I have already learned is that I am in love! Schnauzer’s are so wonderful and I am a little upset that i didn’t know anything about them before!! They are super vocal (he talks to me all the time) and very intelligent. 

They say he will grow up to be a good little guard dog and the breed is typically protective of their families, but are also friendly with most people and dogs after being properly introduced. He loves to play and has a very high energy level.

In the second picture, taken 2 weeks ago he is 10 weeks old, and at that point he had just learned how to play with toys! I need to take some more pictures to show you what he looks like now that he has gotten his first schnauzer trim at the groomer! He looks so handsome!

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  1. FreeLark says:

    >Sorry… had to delurk real quick. I have a 6 y/o mini schnauzer and he is the love of my life! 🙂 I've had him since he was abt 4 months old and I love him. He is *extremely* protective, even more so than my other dogs, and has done very well with the 3 other dogs we have introduced him to over the years (he was the first and by himself for abt 2 years.). Even though we have a dachschund and a great dane, he is the *major* alpha over both of them and pushes my dane around like crazy! 🙂 He is also *extremely* vocal and barks all the time, especially when people come over, but one tip I can give you for early is I taught mine to use his "inside" voice, so he can make noises but not bark so much. Sometimes it works better than other times, but they learn very quickly!Just had to share my love of schnauzers with you and tell you good luck and lots of fun is coming your way! 🙂

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