>5 weeks

>Theo has lived with us for 5 weeks today! He has grown a LOT, something I just really realized today. Here are a couple of pictures to show you just how much he has grown:

  This is Theo at 8 weeks old, just a couple of days after we brought him home.
This is Theo today, almost 14 weeks old! Something wacky is going on with his ears and has been since his trip to the groomer a few weeks ago. He is starting to look like a bat. Not a huge fan but he is getting WAY bigger!


How ugly Theo looks in the last picture of the post was really bugging me, so here is a more recent, and less awkward, bat-like puppy for your viewing pleasure:

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One Response to >5 weeks

  1. Michelle says:

    >OOoooh! He's so cute!!! What a cutie!

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