>Letters to Annie

>For Mother’s Day this year Matthew got me a journal to write letters to Annie as we wait to bring her home. It has been especially important to me now that we are on such a long waiting list. Here are a few of the letters I have written recently;
Annie Dear,
    It has been quite a while since we first began our journey to bring you home and it will be longer still. Even though you are all the way across the world from us, and most likely not even born, the time until you are our daughter, in our arms, seems like so much more of a separation. We are looking at waiting another 3-5 years to bring you home, but we know this is all part of the Lord’s plan for expanding our family.
                      I love you and I am praying for you,
      You now have a new Aunt (even though you won’t remember life before her of course.) Uncle RJ got married this past Saturday, November 20th. You will really like Aunt Megan! We also have our last foster class tomorrow. Maybe the Lord will add a big brother or sister to our family before you arrive. I love you sweet daughter. By the way, all of this wedding business has had me thinking about you getting married one day. That thought has already woken me up in the middle of the night (as well as the image of you driving!) But more than wanting to keep you all to myself I want you to have a husband that loves you like your daddy loves me and children to love as I already love you.
                       I love you sweetheart,

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8 Responses to >Letters to Annie

  1. Jennifer says:

    >These letters are precious! Praying for you and your little Annie šŸ™‚

  2. Stefanie says:

    >Wishing you sooo much joy and love in your soon-to-be new life with Annie.Will be thinking about you!

  3. >What wonderful letters you will have to share with her later on.

  4. >Sweet letters. I peeped a little around your blog but wanted to say hi before I continued. My husband and I were foster parents for years and fostered 10 kids. (Not all at the same time.) We adopted the last foster child we had and adopted through a private adoption as well. We birthed 3. Our eldest daughter fostered two and has adopted one. You can read about her at my blog. The post is "Some People Think Families Happen By Chance". I'm now off to read some more of your blog. By the way, my eldest is also named Tara!

  5. >So sweet. I have an adopted little sister in Nigeria (my mother adopted her in her late sixties….procedures can be slightly different out there!) She has added so much joy and light to our lives. I wish you all the same and more. I'm sure you will have a wonderful family.Happy SITS day!

  6. >Beautiful!! True parents are those who love any child in their home whether by blood or compassion. Congrats on your SITS Day (little late I know but am now just catching up with all my SITStahs). You are one of the world's heroes . .

  7. >What an incredible way to establish a history with your daughter before she arrives! And I noticed that when this post was written you were looking at 3-5 years till she'd be home with you, and was so happy to see on your sidebar that you're now less than a year a way. Wonderful!

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