>Christmas Photo Cards with Shutterfly


Along with the Christmas photo shoot from my previous post, there is one other thing that goes along with that…Christmas Cards and more importantly Shutterfly Photo Christmas cards. Last year was the first year I used Shutterfly to do my Christmas cards and I loved them! We used a picture that was taken at our 1st anniversary and our family and friends raved about them!
I love to use photo cards for Christmas cards mainly because…I love photos! I love taking pictures, looking at pictures and sometimes, being in pictures! In the last post I showed you the pictures that I was planning on using and now with Theo in the family, I am even more excited to put these cards together. Shutterfly is offering a promotion to bloggers that if we make you aware of their product I get some of my Christmas cards for the year on them, which is AMAZING! (especially since I would have used Shutterfly anyways!!!)
Here are just a few of the ones that I am trying to decide between! I think there is a brown and green theme going on here this Christmas at the Fraser’s:

Here are a couple that are a little different from the brown and green theme, but I like them too! Decisions, Decisions…

To make your own photo Christmas cards follow this link.
If you like a more traditional card, Shutterfly will also help you to make a unique and adorable holiday card.
To make your own holiday card you can follow this link.
Another way that you can use Shutterfly to make some pretty amazing gifts is by making a photo mug! I made a photo mug for Matthew when we were dating for Valentine’s Day and it is his favorite coffee mug, and there is no chance that anyone at work can steal it!
To make you own photo mug with Shutterfly you can follow this link
If you are a blogger and would like to get in on the free Christmas card action follow this link 

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