>Black Friday = Shopping Bliss?


Image courtesy of OldNavy.com

My hubby and I had the bright idea of staying awake until midnight and going to Old Navy to pick up some $5.00 pajama pants. You see, it has become a tradition since we got married to have a new pair of pj’s every Christmas morning. I love pj’s and I think it will be a wonderful tradition once we have kiddos in the house! Fresh pajamas every year to open on Christmas Eve? Sounds like fun to me (esp. with them growing out of them every year!)

The few times that I have gone Black Friday shopping it has been totally traumatizing; crazy, crowded, madness. This experience was wonderful and I think part of it was the great job that our Old Navy store did in organizing the whole thing. We arrived at 10:45 to a line stretched about halfway around the store, the first person arrived at 8:02pm! The doors opened at 12:00am on the dot and they let in what seemed to be groups of 50ish at a time with a minute or so between groups. There was no pushing, shoving, or general craziness. People said, “excuse me,” and “sorry,” I felt like I was around a sane group of adults all trying to shop, not a mass of insane zombies trying to stampede their brethren without regard.

Was it worth it? Yup. I know I sound crazy, but me and the hubby (can you believe it???) had a blast. We laughed, didn’t take it seriously, and really just made a decision to have fun. And fun it was!

Oh and P.S. those pants in the picture aren’t the ones I bought for me (I couldn’t find a photo of mine or the hubby’s)! I did buy that pair for someone special though, because it was so relaxing we bought gifts for some other people too! We finished our Christmas shopping completely!!!! Now, because of all the post-shopping adrenaline, and GI Jane, they are all wrapped and under my tree as well. You can just call me the Queen of Christmas, I’ll answer to it.

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