>Nursery Update

>So I think we are on Nursery Renovation Post 4! It has been awhile, so if you have forgotten or you just started reading, you can start with these:
Nursery Renovation Step One
Nursery Renovation Step Two
Nursery Renovation Step Three

Here was the checklist so that you can see what has been done:

  •  Pull up the carpet- DONE                    
  • Refinish the hardwood floors beneath-DONE
  • Fix the hole in the wall-DONE
  • Repaint baseboards-DONE
  • Repaint Ceiling- DONE
  • Do wall mural (with help of my artsy best friend!)- 0%
  • Sand and repaint crib- DONE
  • Find a dresser, bookcase, and twin size bed (and repaint if needed)- DONE
  • Replace the old broken ceiling fan with a new shiny ceiling fan- DONE
  • Finish hemming the curtains that I got from IKEA (more on that in a later post)- DONE

As you can see, apart from my best bud’s help on the mural we are done! Last night we put the crib together (it was my baby brother’s), and I just had to show you how the room looks now with it all done! We had to move around some stuff again because the crib took up way more room than we anticipated!

Here you go:

The finished crib, full of Annie’s friends waiting for her!

View of the bed and bookshelf from the mirror on the back of the closet door

View of the reading corner

View of the crib and closet door

The bed! (in need of some toddler rails)

My favorite dresser…ever.

  Now for some of the details in her room, including her friends who are anxiously awaiting her arrival!:

My American Girl doll named Kristin from when I was little, she sleeps in a bunk bed with Samantha and Josephina

A little tykes house that I got for my first birthday. Mom gave it to me last weekend for our baby room

Some of the books in Annie’s room

Raggedy Ann and Andy that my grandmother made me when I was a little tyke!

Guatemalan doll brought back for Annie by a good friend on a mission trip this summer, Roo, and the Snuggle bear. My dad had a puppet version of this doll that he used to talk to me with when I was still in the womb. Mom bought one for me. The Momma. She’s great.

Matthew’s mom bought this for Annie this summer

The only surviving Jammie Pie from when I was a baby. I loved these things!!!!! If you don’t know anything about them, its okay, I’ll forgive you. The only thing you need to know is that their faces smelled like baby powder. That was my favorite part.

Ni Hao Kai-Lan!!! My mom bought this for Annie for Easter. If you can’t tell, my mom is thrilled to have a grandbaby and wants to spoil her even though she is 3 years away (we didn’t know that then though)

This is a cross stitch  that was done for me by a friend of my mother when I graduated from High School. I was, and still am obsessed with the book Gone with the Wind. I have read it over 30 times. 

Huge Piggy Bank!!! My favorite thing I have purchased for the nursery! The box next to it was purchased in a package with three other boxes from IKEA this past summer. I love that place.
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3 Responses to >Nursery Update

  1. Delaine says:

    >AMAZING!!!!! It's so beautiful. You are very creative. Can't wait to see it in person with little one adding her own little touches. :0)

  2. Heather says:

    >I thought that cross stitch was older than that… I remember it from growing up and we certainly weren't graduated then 😉

  3. >Heather, we had other cross stitch in my room but that one was certainly from when I graduated I school. It was the last one she was able to do before she got a disease that made it to where she couldn't use her hands! I did have a bunch of other ones though!

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