>10 weeks

>10 weeks.

10 weeks of classes to teach you how to be a parent to children who have very possibly been through things I cannot even dream up. Yeah right.

This is what the DHR in our state requires of a foster parent. A ten week class. Oh, and a home study to make sure I am not a total creeper who is planning on storing these kids in the basement and eating them for dinner. It just doesn’t seem like enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hated going to the classes every Thursday night from 6-9pm. I mean really, I missed Bones, the best show ever to grace a TV screen. Maybe it is because I have never been a parent and do not know what it feels like to intuitively take care of a child. All I know is that after 10 classes I feel no more prepared to be the parent of a foster child than I did before.

To be totally honest, at this point, I don’t really FEEL like being a foster parent. I know it is what Matthew and I are supposed to be doing at this point (why waste this time while waiting for Annie, can you say on the job training?) But I want to be a mom. A forever mom. I know these children WILL go back to another momma somewhere else. I don’t want to share, I’m selfish. I know that there are children out there for us. Forever children. I just want them now. I want what everyone else seems to have, but then I remember, mom never said life was fair.

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  1. >I admire you for doing it…I have often thought about fostering but never actually made any moves towards doing it. I think it would be extremely hard for me and I have kids of my own, so I think it would be even harder for someone who doesn't to keep giving back these kids. Prayers to you!

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