>For Christmas I got Africa!


So as you all know by now, my husband surprised me with a trip to Uganda! I took a trip there three years ago and was smitten! I loved the people, the food, the area…everything! Since the day I left I have been trying to get back. If you are wondering exactly where Uganda is, here is a picture me from 3 years ago in Uganda cheesin’ it up on safari (that is the NILE RIVER behind me):

We will be going back to Uganda in less than 2 weeks and can’t wait! Matthew (almost/mostly) successfully surprised me with this trip. Here’s what I mean; Matthew has been planning this trip for over 3 months now and as far as he is concerned he kept it all from me. Unfortunately, when planning this big of surprise, there are other people involved who are not quite so good at keeping secrets…and he has a wife who is far too nosy and who likes to show up unexpectedly at his office!

We had a young man who asked what group we were ‘going through’ before I found out about the surprise, even though he never said Uganda specifically I knew this guy had connections with teams who went to Uganda and figured that that could be a possibility. The look on Matthew’s face when the guy said it was PRICELESS!  About 2 weeks after that I showed up at Matthew’s office to surprise him and saw my yellow fever vaccination form on his desk. #1, that is only EVER clipped to my passport and tucked away with the rest of our important papers, #2, there are not a whole lot of places other than Uganda we would go where I would need my yellow fever vaccine!

Now that you know how I got hints we may be going to Uganda tomorrow I am going to post about Christmas morning and how everything still worked together to make it the best surprise in Christmas history! Stay tuned!!! I think this is well on it’s way to becoming a Headed to Uganda blog post week! 

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2 Responses to >For Christmas I got Africa!

  1. >Haha! I had the same issues with my engagement, particularly the less than subtle friends. If it wasn't for the bonus ring he surprised me with first I would have know for sure! I'm so excited for you though! Particularly that he nearly pulled off the surprise 😉

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