>Flight Plan

>I figured that today I would give you all a little sample of what is in store for Matthew and I during our trip! We will be flying out January 15 at 6:00 pm from Atlanta, from there we make stops in Paris and Nairobi and arrive in Entebbe (Uganda) on January 16 at 11:45pm their time. We will be met by the missionary that we are working with and then drive an hour or so into Kampala.

January 17-20 we will be doing street evangelism and church planting

January 21 we will be Food Distribution and Ministry

January 22 we will be resting and shopping in the morning and having a house church meeting in the evening

January 23 we will be attending baptism on Lake Victoria in the morning and doing prison ministry in the afternoon

January 24-26 the rest of the group will be going on safari, we will be meeting Charles on the 24th and Hilda on the 25th

January 27 we will be doing food distribution

January 28 we will be on our way HOME!

Are you as excited about this schedule as I am? Probably not, but it’s okay I understand.

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2 Responses to >Flight Plan

  1. >I think that is so awesome that you're going on a Compassion trip to Africa! Will you get a chance to meet any of your sponsor kids?

  2. Mandy says:

    >Wow what an amazing mission you guys have!!! I am thrilled to have found your blog through SITS.. I admit I "never" check out their featured blogs but anytime I see a foster or adoptive blog, I run! We're foster parents… have 3 bio kids and 2 foster right now, hoping to adopt a 9yr old girl soon. Yes.. we're crazy. ;)Praying for your safe travels!!! God is doing a mighty work through you all!

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