>Uganda: Take Two


 Aren’t they precious?
 This little dude pooped on me while I was holding him! Ewww. But he was too sweet!
 This was Children’s Church at the opening of one of the two new house churches we planted today! 
 Hello everyone in America! We love you!
Matthew and some buddies. One of the house church meetings is going on in the background.
Sorry its all been kids…I will load other up when I get home but these little faces are what are filling my heart and giving me energy to keep going! The Gospel is worth it!
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6 Responses to >Uganda: Take Two

  1. Tiffany says:

    >They are so wonderful!

  2. Bdubs says:

    >What a wonderful experience. Ewww, pooped on you! But he's so cute, I definitely could forgive him for that one.

  3. Renee Ann says:

    >Love the kids' faces! And we know God does, too! Blessings!

  4. mangiabella says:

    >I am a little belated in wishing you a Happy SITS day sweet bella – what a glorious treat to be in Africa right now, GOD is so GOOD! wishing you the very best!!

  5. lildesousa says:

    >Tara and matt!! I miss you guys so much already, i just made a blog… haha. everything looks like its going great. i wish i could be there with you guys!! ahhhh love you guys!!! Tell the kids there about me, 🙂 love yall!sincerely – lillian desousa – aka ur fave kid

  6. >They are precious!! Glad you are having fun!

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