>Uganda: Take Three (and probably the last from here!)


I know that it has been days since I have been able to get on and do a good solid update. So…here you go! With a borrowed US plug adapter thanks to Ryan from Ohio, here is my final in country update! I am going to pick some photos from all the days that I did not update! I hope you enjoy. Mr. Charles will be in a few of the photos. I will blog more about our meeting with him once I am home. Suffice it to say, Compassion International really is changing the lives of children like our little guy!

The most adorable brother and sister in a slum called Sabeena.

Matthew and Joseph praying over a baby

These kids LOVED Matthew

Isn’t she beautiful?

Matthew and our translator/pastor Joseph. I think that these two were meant to be brothers! A dynamic duo!


hmmm…what makes you think immediately of Kampala, Uganda? Ice cream? No? Well you should. The ice cream is AMAZING!

Sunset over Kampala

beautiful flowers growing inside of our guest house compound


One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just doesn’t belong…

chubby baby hands. love.

her momma was getting baptized so I got to snuggle with her for the morning. total bliss.

I mean REALLY!

This is our man Charles!

Charles and Matthew shaking hands after a good game of soccer
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2 Responses to >Uganda: Take Three (and probably the last from here!)

  1. >Wonderful pictures! That baby was so so sweet! What you guys are doing for those young ones is so amazing – you are truly Blessing God!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >My heart is overwhelmed – so beautiful. I'm gonna come to your house for a visit when you are home, I must hear first hand all about this! Zeal Beale

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