>So…this is my real last update. I promise

>There was some miracle worked while we were in the bush and we have internet! Real honest to goodness internet here at our hotel! This whole time they would tell us this about our internet; “Oh, it should be working.” We would check it and no…still broken. Then they would say, “it’s fixed but it will not be working until tomorrow.” Oh, I see…

Anyways, I got to meet Josephine Aguti yesterday! We have been calling her Hilda this whole time and her family calls her Josephine…woops! She is a wonderful and beautiful little thing! Here is ONE photo to get you by until I really get a chance to tell you about our time with her! This is the photo on the background of my computer and probably my favorite trip photo!

By the way, the movie star in the photo was created thanks to me and a bag of 6 crazy awesome sunglasses for $1. You should have seen her whole family wearing these jokers…its was so worth it.

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2 Responses to >So…this is my real last update. I promise

  1. lildesousa says:

    >aHHH I Love this, and miss you once again… i have been checking on your page everyday!! be proud tara, be proud

  2. Tiffany says:

    >So cute! I'm glad you were able to do this!! I can't make it to Haiti now, not enough time before the 2nd trimester is done and while there is physical labor jobs, not a lot for a fat preggo lady… so I'll live through you!

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