>Hilda Josephine Aguti, the girl with three first names

>One of the last days that we were in Uganda we had the opportunity to meet our first little girl that we sponsor through Compassion. It was a much better and less awkward experience that the one we had visiting Charles. We arrived much closer to the time we were supposed to and Hilda had not even arrived at the program yet.

This is the church where the children meet when the weather is bad. This day the smallest children at the project met here for protection from the dust and wind
This is the room that Hilda has her lessons in
When she arrived they brought her forward and said, “this is Josephine.” Josephine. Woops, we thought that was her middle name! She was so cute shaking Matthew’s hand.
This is about 90 seconds after our first meeting. She went right into Matthew’s arms. This is already a very different visit from our last one with Charles.
This is Hilda’s teacher doing a lesson about Moses. She was so wonderful with these kids! No real supplies, but she kept their interest so well, even with us white folks in the back of the class distracting them!
This is the big kids class. They meet under a mango tree and it was amazing! They were doing a lesson about HIV/Aids. I won’t go into detail here, but one of the questions the kids were asked was, “How do people contract HIV?” The first answer given was, “Sharing knickers.”
Hilda sitting on her bed in her bedroom!
This is her with some of the gifts we gave, her movie star glasses and her soccer ball. This is where we found out that her family calls her Aguti.
Her with her backpack (it was so big on her)! She was so much smaller than we thought she was in her pictures. That is her grandfather behind her.
From left to right: Hilda’s sister, Hilda’s Aunt, Hilda’s mom holding Hilda’s youngest sister, Hilda’s grandfather’s first wife, Hilda’s grandfather, Hilda, Hilda’s grandmother and her grandfather’s second wife. Polygamy is no big thing there! They are standing in front of their home built by a relative in the tribe.
Same thing but add two white folks! Her grandmother was so happy and grateful to see us. She wrapped her arm around me and couldn’t stop yelling and dancing to show her joy!
Hilda and I back at the project waiting for the show that the program had prepared.
The show consisted of dancing, scripture recitation and dancing, I was trying not to cry the whole time! They worked so hard and did such a good job!
Hilda was so sleepy. She had a long day!
She allowed me to pick her up for one last photo.
This is the sign for her child development center. Kumi Child Development Centre, they are doing such wonderful work!
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4 Responses to >Hilda Josephine Aguti, the girl with three first names

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! That is such an amazing blessing that you got to meet your Sponsor Child. Yay! 🙂

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