>Okay. Okay. No Uganda. But I have T-Shirts!

>So I know that I was supposed to another Uganda update today but…I can’t. I have the most exciting news ever! We had a meeting with our home study agent today to go over the paperwork for our adoption so that we can get the home study back on track. Well, it didn’t come out how we expected. It was better.

We expected him to tell us that we had a ton more work to do and to put us in the right direction. Well what he said instead is basically you have 2 more forms to fill out and how about I come and do the first visit to your home on Monday at 9am. He is expecting that we could finish the home study by mid-March. That’s $1,000.00. by mid-March. At the same time that we pay for the home study we also have to file the I-600 A. That’s almost $900.00. 2,000.00 in a month. Please pray! There is one way you can help (other than writing us a 2,000.00 check!) That is by buying a T-Shirt from us! For the next two weeks we will be selling these shirts and then ordering them at the end of the two weeks. Do you want to see them? Here you go!

This is the front of the shirt
This is the back. 
Cute, right? Do you want to know how to get one? For all of you in Blog Land who do not live anywhere near me it will cost $18.00 for these wonderful shirts. If you live near me please email me at corsair4christ@yahoo.com to get the shirt for 15.00 (so you don’t have to pay shipping!) This shirt comes in sizes small to extra large. I can get a 2X for an extra 1.50. Ready to buy one? Just look up at the top of my sidebar and order one using our paypal button! Thanks to all of you who are willing to help us bring our daughter home!
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