>Cloth Diapers. I am serious.

>I am not necessarily a “green” person. I have a composter in my kitchen that we empty into a compost pile in our yard (our plants love it) and when it rains in the summer we put buckets out to catch rainwater to water the plants (cause I am cheap and it kills me to waste $$$ watering plants!!) And we have a bin for recycling paper (that I don’t always use, when it gets full I trash the paper) That is it. The only “green” things we do.

But as soon as we adopt from Taiwan, I am adding another, cloth diapers. Oh yea. These are not my mom’s cloth diapers. I am talking cute patterns, nifty pockets and snaps, and diaper sprayers! Check out a couple links I have discovered, here, here and here. Not only do I save a couple of TONS of garbage from heading to the landfills, but for each baby from birth to potty training in cloth can save us $2,000++++. We just bought and received our first “fluff” purchase, 2 econobum cloth diapers that we got buy one get one free.

If you are interested in getting some yummy things for free head over to some of my new favorite places for giveaways:

Cloth Diaper Addiction on Facebook- Head to their photos and to the (2000-1000) giveaway! It is a secret prize but it is promised to be good!

Cloth Diaper Addiction blog- Head to the label “giveaway,” there are quite a few giveaways going on right now.

Bumbledoo on Facebook- Check out their album 5,000 Giveaway, if you follow their blog then you can get entered for a rocking giveaway!!!

Do you cloth diaper or have you ever even thought about it?

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5 Responses to >Cloth Diapers. I am serious.

  1. >I cloth diapered my girls! Loved every minute of it, too! Just be careful, it is really easy to get pulled in to using all sorts of fancy diapers. It can really, truly become an expensive addiction.We used simple and cheap prefolds (with prorap covers for newborns and Bummis when they were a little bigger) and I had a couple of pocket diapers that I got from trading. All told, I ended up paying about $150 for diapers for each of my girls. Of course, you do end up using the washer and dryer more, but still, very economical.

  2. Donna Cox says:

    >We did not do cloth diapers, but we did do the cloth tranning pants. The upfront cost was a little heartbreaking but well worth it! I think they are called "Scotty Potties", not sure what the girl one's are called. We only use pullups at bedtime.

  3. Betty says:

    >I just hopped over from The Cloth Diaper Whisperer…we are going to cloth diaper our newborn, as soon as he makes his big appearance. I'm so excited!!! I'm like you, a little green, but mainly because I'm cheap. LoL! It feels great to be able to save money and still be helping the environment! I spent $5,000 in diapers with my oldest son, and this babies diaper needs have been completely taken care of for the price of $400. LOVE it!

  4. caitle says:

    >Tara, I am impressed with your green-ness! We don't do recycling, rainwater collection, or composting (aside from Copper's contributions to the backyard, which I just read on CNN are not really good to compost). We also don't have much that grows in our backyard. Not even grass. Sad. We haven't talked about diapers yet. It seems like cloth diapers are becoming more popular. We have a little one due at then end of July, and I've now decided cloth diapers are worth looking into because of your blog. :)Have a great weekend!

  5. Tiffany says:

    >I have definitely thought about it. Would love to try it! I'm just not sure about the whole going back to work full time, trying to raise two kids, doing the cloth diapers and staying on top of it all.

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