>Spring Cheer, from me to you!


So this is one of my bulb purchases from the fall and alas, the only one that has risen from it’s deep wintry nap. It’s called “Spring Cheer” (hence the title of the post.) Check out the link to where I purchased them and tell me, does mine look like this? Doubt it! Now, it is the first to show it’s little yellow face so there is still hope for the others but, it doesn’t look good.

These little violas just looked so jolly I snapped their photo too. They were planted in November to give me some winter color and they have wintered splendidly! Hello spring, glad to see you!

P.S.: Neither of these photos is edited at all, I promise. Holla for no photoshopping! Just nature. 

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One Response to >Spring Cheer, from me to you!

  1. Missy says:

    >Looks like you have a green thumb! I'm trying to develop one. 🙂

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