>An un-update

>Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since we have had an update and unfortunately I cannot change that streak. We do not know anything else on either the home study or The Home of God’s Love front. Sorry. I promise I like it less than you do.

All I do know is that The Home of God’s Love is having a BIG inspection on April 1st, pray that the inspection goes well! Keep praying for Annie, that we will be matched quickly and that we can travel before the year is up! If you notice on the sidebar, we have been waiting over a year for the adoption to go through. Our 3 year anniversary is in August and let’s just say, I sincerely hope to know something concrete by then. Or else I might go insane.

Just so you have an example of how crazy all of this waiting is making me (trust me I have way more examples than this); I see Asian little girls EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I just want to walk up to a little girl with her family and say, “I know I sound like a supercreepymomwannabe, but I am waiting on a little girl who may look just like you someday. Can I give you a hug?” Then I flash back to reality and keep walking, only looking back once. Or twice. Any other adoptive mommies ever felt that way?

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One Response to >An un-update

  1. Healy Family says:

    >That looking and longing are totally normal. It happens to the woman who so desperately wants to be pregnant. It happened to me when we were waiting to go to Taiwan to get our son. I think whatever the longing, suddenly it's all over the place! It's like deciding to go on a diet and then all you can think about is cupcakes. You are okay! You are normal (as long as you just keep walking…)! 🙂

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