Welcome to WordPress!

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining me here over at my new address! I know that being here is a little different, but hopefully we will all figure this out pretty quickly! Let me know what you think about the move…good idea, bad idea? All of you who blog with blogger, have you ever thought about or actually moved over to wordpress? Why didn’t you or why did you move?

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3 Responses to Welcome to WordPress!

  1. Tina Faye says:

    Bad Idea!!!

  2. Missy says:

    I reeeaaaallly want to switch over. Did you do it yourself?

    • I did do it myself and it wasn’t that hard! The way I did it was I switched everything over and kept it secret for about a week or two while I figured out if I could make it work, I fell in love with the format and here we are! I don’t know a lot, but if you need anything please email me!! livingintaradise {at} yahoo. com

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