even when you snore.

So I have been reading through and updating some of my journals and I came across some pretty embarrassing funny entries. For example, this one was written to Matthew right after our engagement and is dated February 4, 2008.

I am sitting across the room from you listening to you snore. You’re sick so you are taking a nap in my [dorm] room. We are engaged now and have been for a few days. Already weddings are getting tiresome. I found “the dress” today! So exciting. I love the opportunity to take care of you and today is no exception. I love you my dearest. Even when you snore.

Nowadays my precious husband’s snoring calls for breathe right strips, not for celebration. I love him so much more today than I did then but some things have changed. I am not loving the snoring so much. not at all. With that said, I will grab a quote from Elizabeth Elliot in her book Let Me Be a Woman that makes me feel guilty and grateful every time, “Snoring is the sweetest music in the world. Ask any widow.”

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