House Guests

Call me crazy but I love having guests in my house. Whether it is college students or some little boxer puppies we generally have people staying with us for either a couple of weeks or a couple of months. Right now I am doubly blessed. We have a friend of Matthew staying with us for a few more weeks and these two precious boxer puppies staying with us for about a month. My house is full, I am tired, but I am deliriously happy. These two sisters are almost three months old and so wonderful. The puppy on the left is Scout and Jezebel is on the right. Theo is loving having a house full of ladies. At first he was a little too much for them but now everyone is getting along great!

At our house right now, it is playtime. all the time.

Jezebel learned to bark today. yay.

I don’t know that Theo knew what he got himself into. They outnumber him and will VERY soon be larger and stronger than him. bahahaha. i can’t wait.

P.S.: Remember the giveaway. It ends at the end of the month.

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3 Responses to House Guests

  1. tiffany says:

    Looks like they’re loving hanging out with each other!

  2. Aw they are so cute! I can have them over to my house anytime =)

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