Getaway Fridays

I got this idea from a college friend whose blog you can visit here. She needed a getaway last week and gave me some inspiration. I think that this is worth bringing to you. Is there anywhere that you have gone that you would like to revisit, or perhaps there is somewhere that you would like to go to for the first time? If so, blog about it and then leave a comment letting me know that you joined in! I would love to check out your Friday Getaway.

For me, I would really like to go somewhere that I have gone before! I would like to getaway just me and the hubby back to where we took our honeymoon! I don’t have any pictures of our particular trip on this computer so, here are some that make me want to get in a bathing suit sans cover up (no one knows me, it is okay that I am chubby) and go to a private stretch of beach with just me, the hubby, a couple of chairs and something cool to drink.source

I need wind, waves and sun. No noise, cell phone, computer, camera or television.


As Laura Ashley said last week, “Happy Getaway, even if you are just dreaming at your desk.”

p.s.: ya’ll the giveaway ends on April 30th. have you entered?

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