I love mail!

I have written before about how much I love mail. Well, I got some AWESOME mail this week. Remember that little giveaway that I have going on until the end of the month? One of the great things about it other than the amazing free reusable sandwich wrap and snack bag is the coupon code. 10% off at Mada’s Place using the code TARA10 at checkout. Well, I took full advantage of that and finally procured myself some yummy snack bags and sandwich wraps of my own. Check them out! The photos are all from her Etsy page but I wanted to show you what I got. They are way cuter in person (if you can believe that!)

These are for Annie, whenever she comes home!

This one is my favorite, I might keep it for me 🙂

Have you entered the Giveaway yet?

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One Response to I love mail!

  1. April says:

    I LOVE the owls! Too cute!

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